Ardelia Trio  –  Juilliard-trained musicians who are committed to sharing their love of chamber music through interactive and engaging performances.   We specialize in bridging the gap between audiences and artists, performing in schools, community residencies, the College Music Society National Conference, and recently for our debut at Carnegie’s Weill Recital Hall.

Music + Art  –  I love the idea of different art forms intermingling.  I also love working on projects with friends.  After years of playing soccer with my friend ‘el capitan’ Robert in Central Park, we decided to work on this project where he would create works based on a chamber music program that I would perform.

Thomas/Ortiz Dance  –  Ted Thomas & I met late one night on the streets of Spoleto, Italy where we were both performing for the international Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi (he was in the Paul Taylor Dance Co, I was in the Festival Orchestra).  From our friendship blossomed this collaboration: Musical Director to his modern dance company.

Wired Strings  –  I met Rosie in 2005 when Kanye West was looking for an all-female string section to back him up for Live 8 in Philadelphia.  Years later, I have worked with her in collaborations with Adele, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Enya, at Radio City Music Hall, Royal Albert Hall (London), on the Today Show, The Grammys, the Late Show with David Letterman and Saturday Night Live.

Mobius – Binghamton University’s resident piano quartet has been performing standard repertoire and commissioned works in the Finger Lakes region since 2007.

Shpongle Live  –  I joined this English psychedelic downtempo/psybient band at Camp Bisco 2011 with a human slinky, contortionist, hula-hooper… in a windy downpour!  It was a partying, muddy mess!  Since then, we have done bi-coastal Halloween shows within 24hrs of each other, and a sold-out debut at Red Rocks (in a hazy snowfall, of course!)